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Chair Leg Stickers (Antelope) - Brown Wood

Chair Leg Stickers (Antelope) - Brown Wood

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Transform your Ikea Antilop children's chair into something stylish to have in front of you. After all, you serve food from it around 1,000 times a year, so it deserves some consideration. Our chair leg stickers are available in different colors and are easy to apply. One package includes 4 stickers.

Do this: Remove the legs from the chair and make sure they are dry and clean. Fasten the needle along the entire front of the chair leg, starting at the bottom of the chair leg and working upwards. T press/iron the stitch all the way up and then start working it backwards until it meets at the back. You can press out air bubbles (if there are any) with your hand. Clear!

Feel free to style with our popular footrest and other assortment for Ikea's Antilop.
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